Friday, November 13, 2009


Pathidev is as usual in the last minute hurry to go to his office.. he just finished reading his newspaper!

I am in the kitchen preparing the hot tea which he wants with his breakfast.. I prepare it just after he comes from his shower so that the tea is really hot (if itsn’t hot he would tell me… chayakku neriya oru pani.. paracetamol vendi varum!

Edo… athevideya .... its from his room now!

Ethu? I asked.

As usual he has “athu” in his mind and expects me to read his mind!

I switched off the chaya preparation and went to his room. He was busy searching for something with a shirt in his hand.. so its not the shirt he is searching for…I guessed.

Socks aano thirayunnathu?

Alledo, matte athu evide! again busy searching without even looking at me!

Then it must be the trousers.. I took one out and gave to him.. he grabbed it from my hand and kept it back to the cupboard..!! but with an anguished look!!

Ithalledo! matte athu! .. this time.. he was shouting!
Deivame.. what did I do? I was trying to help!

At last with a smile, he said..”kitti!”and took another shirt!

But you had a shirt already in your hand?

No I dint want to wear that one.. I was searching for this..he put on the shirt hurrily and asked me.. “Chaya readiyalle?”

Ayyo illa .... I switched it off as I came to help you finding this!

Ennittu neeyano kandupidichathu.. nhanalle?



This happened recently.. the scene is the same … another busy morning!

Edo .. athevide?

I smiled… preparing puttu in one stove and chaya on the other..!

ah! athalle... athu avideyundallo... I really din’t know what is the “athu” this time also..

Now he is baffled .. “Ethu?” he asked me back.
aa athalle .. matte athu...athu avide vachittundu…and continued filling my puttu kutti with puttu podi!


Athinte mukalil I filled in the next layer of coconut.. I visualized him searching on all the available “mukal” in that room.. above the cupboard, above the table… he he he

Nha kitti!

Nhan paranhille avideyundennu!... come for breakfast.. its ready with your hot chaya!

Breakfast is ready.. his hot chaya is ready… at the same time.. I was helping him searching!!

Till this time.. I don’t know what he was searching that day!!!

I am luving it!!!!


Smita said...

Tell Jatz bhaiyya i am a diehard fan now of his brand of humor!!


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