Saturday, January 30, 2010

In Memories Of...

How much I miss you today..
You've been with me all these years…
Wherever I went… I made sure that you were with me..
You did a lot to me.. too
From waking me up early in the morning..
Reminding me the important tasks of the day..
Keeping me in touch with my friends and relatives..
You brought many good news those days to me..
You brought music to our life wherever we went..
You made every moment in our life more memorable..
Life was easy with you..
Fixing my doctor appointments...
Booking an LPG cylinder..
Ordering a home delivery..
I never felt a burden..
Was so proud of you.. you were unique..
But at last…
Did you cry for help when you were drown in that mug of water?
I am sorry I did not hear you!!
I could not save you from death at that moment..
Nor my kids knew that you would die inside water and soap bubbles..
They just wanted you to look more shiny!
Because they loved you too…
But today.. you lie here as a soul less body on my palm..
Leaving those memories back…
And those glimpses of wonderful moments in our life..
Which I copied long back from your image folder to my computer!
People made fun of you as the bulky phone
Some asked it for an exchange for bricks
But you were hands full and handsome for me
Rest In Peace My dear…
My dearest Nokia 3230.

(Hmmm.. anyway... I am not too good in selecting a mobile.. Any suggestion for a good handset?  I want a good quality camera phone which is not so expensive.. please send in your suggestions.. so that I can ask my husband to "SURPRISE" me on my birthday...!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Dream Voyage

My teacher gave me a worksheet with a pictue of an astraunut, and some words - dark, scary, light, proud. and asked me to write a story using the image and the clue words, and to give a name to the story.
Here is what I wrote with the help of my mother.  Hope you also will like it.

It is not as scary as I thought!  I said to myself when i stepped down from the spaceship.  I felt proud to be the first kid to land on moon.  I felt very light though I had those heavy spacesuit on me!  I saw in TV that there is water on moon.. where is it? I looked around.... I felt few droplets of water on my face.  Wow!  I was thrilled.. not just water, there is rain in the moon!! I screamed out of joy!

Wake up Ranju!!! Its getting late to school!.. I opened my eyes to see my mother sprinkling water on my face!.. Ooops that was a dream?  I moved out of the moon.. sorry.. the bed!

Niranjan. K.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Akshaya Pathram

What was Akshaya pathram made of? Wood ? Clay?.. whatever… I have heard that this rice bowl which was presented to Pandava by Lord Krishna gave them food whenever they needed and saved them from Durvasa Maharshi's curse!.. Now what made me think of this now?  I was just thinking if my kitchen sink was made of the same material .. or at least it has been blessed with a similar "never empty" boon.  It just doesn’t get empty!  Each member of our family generously contributes towards its "full-fill-ment."

The sink is very small…with just a pressure cooker and a milk boiler, the sink becomes full.  Should do something for this… I thought, aloud.  "Try cleaning them immediately after the use!"… came an asareeri from the TV room!  I pretended that I did not hear that.  I tried switching from washing bar to liquids, then to fragrant liquids, still no satisfying results.

Yesterday, I was reading a book on Feng Shui and the mirror placement theory was amazing.  It says whatever that is reflects on a mirror, its energy is doubled in that home.  If your kitchen mirror reflects the dining table, the food will be doubled and it also warns that if the table is covered with clutter, what is getting doubled is your workload and mess!  If the mirror is reflecting a family photo, it symbolically doubles the family harmony.

I rushed to my kitchen mirror and checked whats seen on it!!! Yes.. you guessed it…. My kitchen mirror reflects the sink on the other corner!...Got the culprit!!!

I have now moved the water dispenser can in between so that it blocks the sink from getting reflected on the mirror.. Lets See!!!

ADDENDUM:  The above post was written just for fun.  By blocking the sink from getting reflected on a mirror is not at all going to help as you all might have guessed.  Be it gets reflected or not reflected, Vim/Pril, Me, and the Scotch Brite should work together to clean the sink!..... and, though I do believe that Feng-Shui is effective and not any blind faith, nowhere in its scripts either in paper or in the web says that sink will remain dirty if it is reflected on a mirror.  The poor mirror is absolutely helpless.. please do not blame it!  I was just finding reasons to mask my poor skills in time management.  Whatever schedules or plans I device, the 1-year-old at home forces me to alter it.  If I go to the sink when she is awake, she comes near it and does the Kate Winslet act of standing on her toe to reach the spoon or handles that are popping out…. And when she is asleep.. my priority would be doing my editing job, or I may lose my job.  So this gets postponed until evening when the "men at home" are back home and would take care of her and I start my romance with the sink!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby's Day Out!

Amme..boocha..!  I heard Sanju announcing from the other room.  She saw her first boocha (Poocha/Poonai/Billy/Cat) in life from Kerala this time.  After that, whenever she noticed something hairy or furry (be it the edge of a woolen shall, our neighbor's Pomeranian pup, the marble mermaid doll with little hair, or even an onion top) she would announce …"BOOCHA!"

Even this time, I thought she just found something like that and I continued with my washing, but she was not ready to leave me… she tried to explain about this new boocha she saw in her language with some gestures eyes wide open…. So I followed her to the next room and she pointed to the corner behind the door…!  Oh not again!... it’s the baby squirrel… When the mamma is not around these babies are adventurous and comes out of the carton box.  Though its nice to watch these small squirrels running here and there, its very very painful if something happens to them.  One of them fell into a bucket of water last week and we noticed it only after it was dead.. another one ran out to the terrace and a crow flew down and picked it up … all in a few seconds .. in front of us! L

I closed all the doors towards terrace so that it wouldn’t go out until its mamma is back.  It was just running here and there and not interested to eat the pappad we offered or was not interested to climb on the ottadaikutchi (long stick broom) we kept for it to get back to its "home" above our kitchen rack.  Then I thought of taking a picture of it and waited for it to settle somewhere.  After some time, I saw it resting on my pressure pan lid and! what a picture its gonna be! I was just about to click when Sanju jumped in between to pull its tail shouting.. "amme! Itha boocha!" .......and its gone!

Will post the picture of any of these babies one day! before they are grown up.. Their mom is too shy to pose for a camera.. I have tried many times before!