Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby's Day Out!

Amme..boocha..!  I heard Sanju announcing from the other room.  She saw her first boocha (Poocha/Poonai/Billy/Cat) in life from Kerala this time.  After that, whenever she noticed something hairy or furry (be it the edge of a woolen shall, our neighbor's Pomeranian pup, the marble mermaid doll with little hair, or even an onion top) she would announce …"BOOCHA!"

Even this time, I thought she just found something like that and I continued with my washing, but she was not ready to leave me… she tried to explain about this new boocha she saw in her language with some gestures eyes wide open…. So I followed her to the next room and she pointed to the corner behind the door…!  Oh not again!... it’s the baby squirrel… When the mamma is not around these babies are adventurous and comes out of the carton box.  Though its nice to watch these small squirrels running here and there, its very very painful if something happens to them.  One of them fell into a bucket of water last week and we noticed it only after it was dead.. another one ran out to the terrace and a crow flew down and picked it up … all in a few seconds .. in front of us! L

I closed all the doors towards terrace so that it wouldn’t go out until its mamma is back.  It was just running here and there and not interested to eat the pappad we offered or was not interested to climb on the ottadaikutchi (long stick broom) we kept for it to get back to its "home" above our kitchen rack.  Then I thought of taking a picture of it and waited for it to settle somewhere.  After some time, I saw it resting on my pressure pan lid and! what a picture its gonna be! I was just about to click when Sanju jumped in between to pull its tail shouting.. "amme! Itha boocha!" .......and its gone!

Will post the picture of any of these babies one day! before they are grown up.. Their mom is too shy to pose for a camera.. I have tried many times before!


Capricorn said...

poor squirrels... you cant help it. if you try to domesticate them they will be more vulnerable

Pulchaadi said...


Nice to read ur experiences with these cute furry guys. Its really heartwarming! Keep updating us about their progress.

I have kept baby squirrels with me and they are fine enuf pets!


Sranj said...

Thanks Niju and Riyan,
The fact is that we dint bring them in as pets.. the mamma squirrel came her own as i mentioned in my previous blog Naivedyam.. then a regular visitor.. now she uses our home as her creche!

Padma said...

Great posts, Nisha. I loved reading them.

Sranj said...

Thanks Padma!

ShinU said...

nice to hear,..... but beware of them harming sanju,.. u may not know,..

Sranj said...

Ayyo.. dont scare me!
But the amma squirrel never harmed anyone here... she even used to come with one of her friend (or the father??) some days.. They just run away even if Sanju chases them.

tamilarasi said...

so sweet...whenever I read anything u write(I usually search for yr blogs or answers in chennaimoms then read the others)I have always felt u express thoughts in a way I was very familair with,my favourite type of expression...without knowing or without having time to understand it I just admired,enjoyed and moved with my own work. Then it dawned on me one day, yr style of expression is just like that of my favourite author R.K.Narayanan...I started reading his books after malgudi days were shown as serials in DD when I was in 9th or 10th.Malgudi Days are collection of stories from the view of swami, a child 8 or 9 years old. The authour would take us into swami's world and make us feel exactly how a 8 yr old would think. subtle feelings expressed so beautifully.I have read his complete collection and longed for reading such stuff again all my life.I never found another author who could let out thoughts which we too experience everyday but never have time to appreciate the beauty of it, little joys it offers,frustrations it brings,dissapointments or even the comedy in it.Now I think my wish has fulfilled.Especially the "Maid for each other" almost all housewives would have undergone such encounters with maids,but how many of us have the time or ability to turn back recollect them so artistically? We enjoy yr writing Nisha..and tell u ,u surely have a career in writing..even these compliations can be brought out as a book and turn out to be a best seller...Bestwishes

Sranj said...

Oh My God!!!
Thank you sooo much for this very kind comments.. I am accepting warmth and love thats filled in these lines.. but feel extremely guilty to accept all those written!!!
I love that author and Malgudi days too!! a masterpiece..!