Friday, May 7, 2010


Dear Mom

As most daughters, I too gave you pains and worries..
I found most of your opinions silly and outdated..
I blamed you for my lonely childhood though I knew it hurt you more
You always said that I will understand when I become a mother.

As most daughters I screamed and yelled at you
When things went wrong or not as I wished them to be
As most mothers you had been so patient to me
And consoled me that things will be alright and that too shall pass.

As most daughters…
I never bothered to know why you never felt hungry most times
Or why you never liked good and expensive dresses
I never bothered to even notice those tears
Which you always tried to hide from us.

I wondered how you never knew when you were sick
I wondered why you never felt tired
I still remember you always prayed for us and never for you
You always made sure that we get the best…

And yes, now I know, though I have just begun the journey of motherhood.
Now I hear those extra heartbeats of a mother.
I now realize that a mother has no right to fall sick or feel tired
I know why mothers are outdated and silly sometimes ..
Now I know why you did not sleep when I had exams
And felt hungry only after all of us are fed well
Your lack of dress sense lack of interest in hobbies
Everything is now clear to me…

I am proud I am your daughter and love you more now
Love you for the way you guided me through my decisions
Love you for being very strict and for those broken chattukams*

Love you for the unconditional love…

Love you for being you…


* -   "Chattukam" means nothing but the dosa ladle... My mom's one and only weapon.  They never had a proper shape in our house as she had to use it more often on me and my bro'.