Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you have an Alien at home?

“What does this look like?” Ranju brought the puri in his plate to me.. he has made some holes in a circle on it and has fitted the cubes of carrots and peas to each hole. There is a big hole on top and there “stands” a curry leaf and some more veggies from the kuruma I gave.

“so you have not eaten the first puri yet?” I screamed. Nowadays, he is not frightened at my high decibel voice! He still asked me.. “tell me, what does it look like.”


He smiled .. “it’s a UFO spaceship!”..

Its all imagination dear, such a thing does not exist.. have you seen any in real life? ….

Even I have not seen Gandhiji, but you said he is the father of our nation.

“But I have shown you his photos and I have read about him to you..!”

Even I have seen aliens and UFO shuttles in movies, pictures and I have read about them too… without even waiting for another explanation from me (actually at that time, I had none.. I was searching for a better explanation!!!).. he moved away from there making some beep noises.

Amma.. this baby is hitting me.. she has become a humangosaurus..

Humango what? I was in front of the computer.. I tried it on the google. It suggested me if it is huayangosaurus, a kind of dinosaur. I told him.. “no da it is not humango it is huayango.”

No that’s a dinosaur.. humangosaurus is an alien which comes in Ben 10 Alien force…! Its very strong amma!

In the preKG days, Ranju used to draw two hills and a sun rising from it.. and would give all color combinations to it..

When he graduated to LKG and UKG.. a house, a tree near it, two birds in the tree, many apples in the tree, a river from the hill near by, and an aeroplane above the house… a couple of clouds. This was his picture always… in different colors and shapes ofcourse..

In first standard.. he began drawing computers, robots, vehicles…

This year.. he brought me a picture… something like a human being, but just one eye, no nose, one big mouth with just two teeth it it… two strands of hair and just 3 fingers which are shapeless and green in colors…. Whats it… just one eye?? That to without eyelids? Just three fingers? What happened to you?

Its an alien amma… something like a Tobi in Harry Potter
One day I had to buy some veggies from the nearby shop.. so I left my kids at home alone and asked Ranju to check through the windows who has come and not to open unless if it is me or his father..

ok amma... but what to do if an alien knocks the door?

I thought I should discuss this with his teachers in this parents meeting. They must be having a better idea how to make them believe its just imagination and how to bring my child out of this stupid alien world.

What alien is your child? My son is “echo-echo” (its another alien from Ben 10 .. now I know that!).. I was startled when a mom who is a teacher in that school asked me!
Er… I guess my son is a “spider monkey”…
No amma.. that was last month.. now I am a “Big chill!” said Ranju standing next to me.

I asked her how to explain our kids about this stupid thing.. “forget it..” she said.. its their world let them enjoy.. when they are old enough.. they will know these are all just funny imaginations.. until then let them have some heroes from these aliens.. let them enjoy those tattooes.. she said. Did our parents worry much when we believed “zigma, heman, and spider man was real?”

If anyone could understand all these names above, I bet you have a pre-teen kid at home.

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