Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolutions!!!

New year is the best time to make a new change.. plan for new goals…take a new resolution..

Not many of us succeed in following our resolutions. Due to many reasons, many quit them in between or keep postponing it.

The first hurdle is to chose the right resolution. We plan something which is above our ability limits or interests (expecting a miracle!). Choosing a realistic goal and working towards it is the best way to succeed. A resolution which we believe is achievable and is interesting to us. Otherwise chances are high to give up after a couple of months.

You can have a big or a long term goal with several milestones or many smaller resolutions. This assures that you have many successes to celebrate! Yes, do celebrate on each resolution's success and completion of each milestones!

There maybe setbacks, but never give up, start afresh immediately (and do not wait for the next new year to renew the same resolution!!..)

Trust yourself. We believe that we are not good in following a resolution and keep sending messages to the brain that we may quit soon and at one point, we quit….(We knew about it already!!!.. right?). If you believe, on the other hand that you can do it, you will do it. Never underestimate yourself!

The other hurdle is lack of interest. Your choice of resolution doesn’t interest you for so long. You just chose a random resolution you thought many are taking or which your friends decided. Nothing specific about you and hence easier for you to quit. Chose a right resolution which you really want to follow and not on influence of your friends or family.

Never generalize your plans. Give precise dates and milestones. When you generalize the goals and the timeframe, you blissfully begin to procrastinate, as these were never in your usual schedule.

Hmm….all those who know me well are really having a great ROTFL there..!! I know!! C'mon friends, by writing all these, I am also motivating myself, COOPERATE!!!

Have Great Resolutions… Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Gayatri said...

- So where's your resolution list?
- am just being plain curious :)
- mine will find a place in my blog when I decide on whether to resolve or not :b
- hmm realistic-interesting-dated resolutions in different sizes from a confident resolver!!!!!! that's one fat resolution altogether
- my wishes withya gal

Rajesh said...

super post thanks